Intolerance friendly Recipes

Braised endive and sauce Béchamel (lactose-free, gluten-free)

August 6, 2018

So here it is! I’m developing all these new recipes to meet the needs of my intolerant niece who has Crohn disease and big news, I’ll turn them very soon into a cookbook! For all the poor fellows out there who have all the common intolerances at ounce. Gluten-free, Diary-free, Egg-free, Sugar-free, Nut-free,… If you find something you’re intolerant to in my recipes, you’re very very unfortunate. And I bet your hate complicated things as much as I do so I’ll keep it very simple with mostly basic ingredients you can find in every grocery store.

To master the famous french sauce Béchamel with rice flour and coconut milk has been for a long time on my list. Check!

Very simple and just as tasty, it reached a silky and creamy texture just as good as the real thing.

This allowed me to make braised endive rolled in ham and covered with this white goodness. Dear intolerant person, you can now have a famous dish from the French Cuisine with no fear of the consequences. The big plus is that sauce Béchamel is delicious in a large variety of dishes and recipes. Spice it up and you can turn a basic sauce into a thousand possibilities! You’ll have the complete recipe once my cookbook is out. Just wait for it.

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