Health and Beauty, Art and Storytelling, Memsie & Co is a place where I share all my passions.

I’m Belgian, Nutritionist, Artist, Writer and Photographer all at once. 

To me, Food is the foundation of life, its fuel and its pleasure. My vision on nutrition is holistic. Never dissociate the Mind from the Body. I’m specialized in developing and creating recipes for people with food intolerance or allergy and everything related to the gut. Among my close relatives, there are 4 dairy intolerances, 2 Coeliac Syndroms, 1 with Crohn Disease, allergies to nuts, chervil, spinach and many other troubles past and present linked to digestion. I share my advices and my recipes to live as a happy food lover while respecting your body. My Sister and Mother also share their experiences and knowledge under the “Health” tab. Online consulting is available. 

Photography is an Art I learned from my brother DMalou. I offer my services with pack shots of your products – studio or lifestyle. 

Table decoration and flower arrangements are a passion and the best setting for a wonderful meal because I believe we eat as much with the eyes as with our tastebuds. I decorate events and private dinners. 

I organize luxury personalized picnics and themed dinners everywhere in Europe in the most beautiful places. Contact me for more info. 

I paint and draw with different techniques to illustrate nature through contemporary animal portraits or series of botanical decorative illustrations 

I write about my travels, my poetry and reflexions under the Travel & Poetry tab. Literature is to me more than a passion. It is a vital expression.