I’m Belgian, Nutritionist, Artist, Writer and Photographer all at once.

Food is the foundation of life, its fuel and its pleasure. My vision on nutrition is holistic. Never dissociate the Mind from the Body. I’m specialized in developing and creating recipes for people with food intolerance or allergy and everything related to the gut. Among my close relatives, there are 4 dairy intolerances, 2 Coeliac Syndroms, 1 with Crohn Disease, allergies to nuts, chervil, spinach and many other troubles past and present linked to digestion. Food is the first medicine. 

Photography, is about capturing beauty. Food photography, nature, travel, weddings or children portraits all have in common this one thing I cherish; catch a memory or a place and keep it forever. 

Table decoration and flower arrangements. I decorate events and private dinners.I organize luxury personalized picnics and themed dinners everywhere in Europe.

Illustration, Graphic design, Book and Photo Album layouts. Combining different techniques get the most beautiful results when it comes to designing the layout of your wedding album or creating brand identity and marketing content.  

Editorial creation and copywriting in french and english. Sometimes when I don’t try to capture something with a camera or with my pencils, I do it with my words. To write is to paint a picture for the blind but it’s also best at expressing emotions, feelings, thoughts and the deep nature of a message that will complete the picture.