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Christmas treats !

December 22, 2017

The gifts at Christmas are not only cool things you give to your relatives. It is love you spread as a reminder of the Greater Love that was born that night in a stable. And time is love, so to me I can’t find a better way to give love than to bake some homemade treats to those around me. Christmas cookies, the smell of cinnamon and baked flour and butter floating in the house, cute little boxes, red ribbons and the sound of Christmas carols in the background of my kitchen as I loudly sing along. Maybe some siblings snatching a warm cookie just out of the oven as they pass through the kitchen and my little bro decorating the Christmas tree in the living room. Beginning of this week, I tied my apron and baked a batch of cookies for every taste and need. Intolerance friendly Speculoos for my niece, scottish  shortbreads because I love it, Linzer cookies because my Mom loves it, Fudge for my little bro, chocolate chip cookies for my sister and most of that gluten free for my celiac brother…

Then I packed it all in the house-shaped boxes I bought for the occasion and send them to my loved ones.

I’ll share the recipes of these delicious treats in different posts 🙂


Christmas treats Christmas treats Christmas treats

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