Sunny Birthday Celebration

July 17, 2017

On Friday, we celebrated my eldest sister and brother-in law’s Birthday. As they have their birthdays three days apart, ever since they’re married, we celebrate them the same day 🙂 And that means more shouting, more singing, more fun, more cake…! I got my inspiration for the table decoration one morning horse riding in the fields with my sister and mom and seeing all the pretty yellow flowers covering the ground in wild little bunches. I immediately thought it would make great bouquets (and yellow is such a sunny color!) for the table and promised myself to come back with pruning shears and basket. So on D-day, taking my niece as an assistant, we jumped on the quad and strolled the country in search of yellow colored plants. First stop was to clip some yellow mirabelles (little plums growing in wild bushes everywhere here). The green leaves of this bush matched perfectly the jungle-like design of paper napkins kept in our little stock for summer celebrations 🙂 Then when the basket was full, we emptied it on the kitchen table and went back for flowers. We ended up with 5 different kinds of wildflowers, all in shades of yellow. No need to go to the florist, Mother Nature provides all you need! Yellow candles, 5 vases of different sizes, a yellow gingham tablecloth to built the centerpiece on and everything was ready. All this resulted in a pretty table with a little wild vibe, sunny shades and rich greenery.

Yellow celebration

Yellow celebration Yellow celebrationYellow celebration Yellow celebration




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